Coming  Soon!
ETA early 2019

Convenient Planning Tools

Much more than an onsite tool, the Yoko Event 2019 conference app is free and searchable, with everything you need to explore the conference in advance:

  • Descriptions of ALL SESSIONS, including presenters
  • Search the conference program by TIME, TRACK or KEYWORD.
  • FIND and FOLLOW your favorite presenters to the sessions you'll want to see the most
  • Enhance your attendee profile with a photo and contact details to help presenters and colleagues find YOU.

Exciting Features to Use at Yoko Events

  • Add your own session NOTES
  • Tab your favorite sessions and CREATE a personalized agenda
  • Keep your SCHEDULE at your fingertips​
  • TWEET about a session. Use #YokoEvents19
  • Find your colleagues
  • JOIN the conversation
  • Receive alerts for special announcements
  • Access MAPS
  • Take part in question and answer, surveys and other polling and feedback options using your device
  • EVALUATE sessions